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Commemorate the classics while you cook

Nostalgie and Prestige lines from ILVE combine modern technology with classic designs.

Pictured: Prestige line oven Appliancist

I live in a neighborhood where vintage style is king. People will spend huge sums of money to populate their Brooklyn apartments with furniture and lamps that are antiques (or new with antique finish), clothing from vintage shops, and appliances in chartreuse, pink, and taupe.

Maybe it's because we've run out of ideas that we have a tendency to recycle styles in everything from fashion to haircuts to housewares, but I think that as humans, we have a tendency to come full circle in our likes and dislikes. Having experienced enough styles to have a wider frame of reference, we have a greater appreciation for the things we started out with in the first place.


Maybe it's this kind of mentality that inspired the creation of modern appliances with classic styles like the ones you can find in these ILVE Nostalgie and Prestige lines.

The ILVE classic oven designs have the perfect combination of modern technology and vintage style. They feature single and double built-ins with self-cleaning, multifunction cooking modes, twin fan cooling, Cool Touch doors, and programmable timers (analog, of course).

Now all we have to do is cross our fingers that the electric can opener never makes its way back into popularity. After all, while vintage styles are timeless, laziness is never fashionable.