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Comet sale starts today, 'everything reduced'

The Comet fire sale kicks off this morning, with the ailing retailer promising prices reduced across the board.

Comet's fire sale kicks off this morning, with the retailer fighting to make a little more cash from existing stock as it enters administration.

The retailer, which is now being run by administrators Deloitte, promises that its entire stock is reduced from 9am today in what it's calling a "massive stock liquidation". If you've been pondering a new fridge or laptop, this could be your chance to snap up a bargain.

The sale appears to be limited to physical shops, however, with Comet's new, reduced site seemingly offering no way of buying gadgets online.

The sparse website currently only details store locations, FAQs on the company's administration and yesterday's update confirming that gift cards would be accepted during the sale itself.

I've contacted Deloitte to ask whether the sale will allow for online buying, and I'll update this story when I hear back. If not, prepare to hoof it to your nearest business park.

Comet is being slowly but inexorably powered down, following news that it had failed to reverse losses that saw the chain purchased for a mere two quid this time last year.

6,500 jobs are on the line as Comet becomes the most recent victim of online shopping, though Dixons Retails has commented that it plans to try and scoop up some employees looking for work, at least for the Christmas season.

Is there anything Comet could have done differently? And will you be fighting your way to the front of the sales? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.