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Codlo: Rice cooker sous vide gadget is affordable, stylish

The Codlo on Kickstarter aims to make sous vide cooking affordable and as simple as hooking the kitchen gadget up to a rice cooker.

Sous vide in a simple fashion. Grace Lee

Sous vide cooking, a method of slow cooking food sealed in plastic bags in a water bath, has been a hot culinary trend for several years. One issue for home cooks has been the cost of getting started. You can make your own sous vide system, but if you want to buy a sous vide device, it can get expensive. This is where the Codlo Kickstarter project steps in.

The last time we caught up with a sous vide project on Kickstarter, the Nomiku immersion circulator nearly tripled its goal, but it still cost several hundred dollars. The Codlo gets you in the sous vide door for a $150 pledge price. Plus, visually it looks a bit like a Nest learning thermostat. You won't mind having it sit out in your kitchen.

The Codlo is pretty straightforward. Plug it into a wall socket. Plug your rice cooker or slow cooker into the bottom. Plop the temperature sensor into the water. Set the cooking time and temperature on the Codlo. Add your sealed plastic food bag, and wait for the timer to go off.

The Codlo works with analog rice cookers or slow cookers that have a mechanical switch, meaning my fancy-pants rice cooker wouldn't work with it, but my basic slow cooker would. It can also work with certain food warmers, coffee urns, tablet-top roasters, and immersion heaters.

The versatility combined with not having another counter-hogging kitchen appliance are both marks in the Codlo's favor. The gadget will be available in your choice of plug type to work with U.S., European, and U.K. systems.

The Codlo team has a working prototype. The Kickstarter is geared to put it into production. Considering how sous vide has been capturing cooking imaginations around the world, it stands a good chance of reaching its $150,000 funding goal.