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CNET's back to school gift guide rounds up late summer tech

Whether you're buying for a student or just want to pick up some new gear for yourself, CNET's back to school buying guide should be your first stop.

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Believe it: even though the mercury may be inching toward 100 and everyone is still planning beach getaways, school will start in less than six weeks.

For students and their parents, that means now's the time to stock up on school supplies. These days, that means lots of tech: laptops, tablets, phones, and printers, for starters. For college students, the list is even longer: a dorm room needs to be a home away from home, and that includes a TV, sound system, and other amenities.

Don't have kids? Not going to school? I'll let you in on a little secret: you probably still want -- or need -- something on that list. And that's where CNET can help.

Our editors have culled and curated our favorite tech products into 12 easy to browse categories, including the always popular "best tech gifts under $100." Basically, it's all the latest, greatest, most affordable, and most recommendable products as of right now -- whether you're shopping for school or not.

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