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CNET UK Podcast 277: Best phones for 2012

We're live(ish) from Barcelona, where we've been poking prodding and get excited about the best and worst new phones for 2012.

Ola! 2012's biggest phones have been unveiled, and we've checked them out. The HTC One X and Nokia 808 PureView lead the pack -- but which are the best and which are the absolute worst?

We've been all the way to Spain for Mobile World Congress, the annual phone extravaganza where the year's new phones are revealed. We've got out hands on the likes of the LG Optimus 4X HD, Panasonic Eluga Power, Nokia Lumia 610, and many more.

As well as Ice Cream Sandwich and Windows Phone, we also got a look at Windows 8 on a tablet, and Boot to Gecko, a new basic operating system from the people behind Firefox.

Once a year we bid cheerio to fog-shrouded CNET Towers in London, and say buenos nachos to the CNET Hacienda -- our luxurious Spanish headquarters, the high-tech home-away-from-home to which the entire phone-frenzied CNET team decamps every February. As a cool breeze wafts in from the Pyrenees, the CNET Hacienda becomes our nerve centre for a constant stream of news, previews and videos, bringing you the best -- and worst phones and tablets taking a bow at MWC.

As this is an outside broadcast, please bear with us if things sound a bit echoey -- just imagine the Barcelonan sun warming your shoulders and you'll be transported right there to Spain. Olé!

Not every big phone made the trip, however: there was no sign of the hotly tipped Samsung Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5. Not to mention the iPad 3...

And we discuss your take on the phones of the year. Keep the questions, comments and controversial opinions coming in the comments or on our Facebook page. For all the news and previews on all the phones at MWC, check out

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