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CNET UK Podcast 253: Back to the Future Today

The Back to the Future shoes are real, and the CNET UK podcast is stuffed full of gadgets that prove we live in the future -- from the Samsung Galaxy Note to invisible tanks.

With a bolt of lightning and leaving a twin trail of fire, the CNET UK podcast blasts through time and straight into your ears. We're super-excited about the Back to the Future shoes, and we've got a bunch of other technology news, reviews and general rubbish to feed into our Flux Capacitor.

Andy, Luke and Rich ponder how sci-fi tech has quietly snuck into our lives, from Minority Report-inspired gaming to Blade Runner umbrellas. We also take a look at the week's most desirable gadgets, including the Samsung Galaxy Note, an iPod dock that requires a stepladder, and invisible dinosaurs. Great Scott!


Next up, we submit the week's top tech to the cold hard Android logic of Judgement Data, this week's arbiter of awesome. Which gadget will the Enterprise's resident robot prefer?


Back to the Future Today

The Nike Air Mag shoes from Back to the Future 2 are on eBay. And they're not the only sci-fi movie gadgets that prove we live in the future: from sliding doors to Samsung claiming 2001: A Space Odyssey invented the iPad, our everyday lives are like something out of a movie. We also find out which classic movie Andy hasn't seen this week -- and don't get Luke started on umbrellas...


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