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CNET UK Podcast 155: Is the Google Wave hype justified?

Ian, Rich and Rory ponder the purpose of Google Wave, and chat about the week's news and the awesome things we've had a play with in the last seven days

This week, Ian, Rory and Rich took the good ship podcast on a voyage on the ocean of technology news, circumnavigating the globe of gadgetry. Or something. On the agenda this week were Freeview's re-tune, the launch of Google Wave in a blur of invites and the iPhone coming to Vodafone and Orange. There was also the usual craving, feedback and considerable WTFing over a perversion of the iPod nano.

Freeview re-tune happens, causes some minor problems
UK broadband 'not fit for the future'
Google launches Wave, causes meltdown in people who didn't get an invite
Vodafone and Orange offer iPhone
Spotify goes 'local' on computers

Twitter adds 'lists' to help users handle updates from more people
Acer Ferrari netbook

This week we talked about Google Wave, which has upset pretty much everyone in the UK technology press, most of whom have not managed to get invitations. Can Wave transform the way we work, or is it just another Gmail -- capable, but always playing second fiddle to Microsoft?

In our Twitter Poll we ask you if Google Wave was keeping you up at night with excitement. There's still time to vote if you haven't already, and we'd love to hear what you think about Google's new baby.

This week we discussed the show, and how it could be better. We really want your feedback on this subject. If there's something you hate -- or love -- about the show, please let us know. We can't improve it without feedback, and we're more than happy to listen to constructive criticism.

This week Rich was genuinely amazed at the speed with which filthy perverts have managed to corrupt the sanctity of the iPod nano. That's right, grotbags are using the built-in video camera to record women in gyms and take up-skirt videos in the library. Disgraceful behaviour -- and it's going to cause problems for people who legitimately want to listen to music in the gym.

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