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CNET UK Podcast 142: What do you do about Internet obscenity?

This week was a big one for news, with the Palm Pre reported to be launching soon in the UK. We also discussed the sale of The Pirate Bay and standardised mobile phone chargers

This week Ian and Nate asked that most ancient of all questions: is it possible to 'clean up' the Internet and should we even try? It's a debate that's been sparked off by the decision that the author of 'Girls (scream) Aloud' didn't break obscenity laws with his close-to-the-bone work of fiction. With Nate a fan of Cannibal Corpse, it's not hard to guess what his opinion on censorship is -- but is there a solution for everyone else?

There was also the usual look at the week's news and events, we discussed the new universal phone-charger agreement, Twitter trademarking 'tweet' and the Palm Pre's imminent arrival in the UK.


Twitter applies for 'tweet' trademark
Author of Girls (scream) Aloud cleared
EU standardise mobile phone chargers -- Apple on-board
The Pirate Bay sold to gaming cafe company


Top five Android games
Archos tablet with Windows 7


HP's new music video, featuring the sounds from a printer, can be seen on YouTube. There is also another, earlier version by Mistabishi, the chap involved with the HP version, which we think is a much more credible track. Give both a listen, and let us know what you think.

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