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CNET UK Podcast 135: Are newspapers doomed?

This week Ian, Nate and Flora have a little on-air chinwag about France's file sharing law, newspapers being doomed and Craigslist ditching erotic adverts - and then there was the electronic bra

This week on the show Ian, Nate and Flora had a little chat about the week's top news stories, had a little Crave of the newest and coolest gadgets and pondered the purpose of a bra with all sorts of included gadgets.

The most pirated music is also the most popular
Craigslist drops adverts for erotic 'services'
France goes ahead with 'three strikes' law against filesharers
Ashton Kutcher is a waste of space.


This week in Crave Nate told us about a first – Vodafone actually charging less for something. Yes, less! We were amazed too. And as if that wasn't enough, Flora then blew our minds with a one-handed games controller for mobile phones.

With the news that Rupert Murdoch wants to start charging for online newspaper content -- having abolished it in the first place -- we discuss the future of newspapers. Is there a chance that the paper and ink format is dead?

Our poll results certainly suggest you don't think so -- but the poll is still open, so feel free to cast your vote.

This week, we managed to find a bra that's designed for women who are looking for marriage. There was some outrage in the team about such a ludicrous device and we'd be lying if we said this device was anything other than a stunt to show a pretty Japanese girl in her underwear.

As always, we welcome your feedback – just hit the CNET UK Podcast lounge with your general thoughts about the show. If you want to have a chance of winning some random swag, don't forget, we'll send the starter of the best thread a nice little gift.

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