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CNET Live - Episode 92

Brian Cooley and Tom Merritt lose their jobs, but before they do, they answer questions on wireless TV streaming, VirtualBox, and more.

Brian Cooley and I lose our jobs, but before we do, we answer questions on wireless TV streaming, VirtualBox, and more.

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Your video calls:

Alexander in Brazil wanted to know about PC gaming in Boot Camp on a Mac, and how to change the middle-click button option so it doesn't bring up the Dashboard in OS X. Windows games play pretty well, but you have to take in account the Mac hardware. It's not up to what a good PC gaming rig would be. As for the middle-click, go to System Prefs pane choose expose and spaces and look for Dashboard. There's a setting there for turning of the middle-click to bring up Dashboard.

Your calls:

What's the best free antivirus? has a great page of editors' picks for security software you should look at. Our top free antivirus pick at CNET is AVG Free Edition.

Need some good free Mac software? Take a look at

I didn't have an answer for our caller from Mumbai about port forwarding in VirtualBoxc, but Tales in the #cnetfans chat room suggested looking at this posting.

If you want some info on TV tuner cards with closed captioning, look over at the Hauppage site for their WinTV2000 Application FAQ.

Some of the best gear Brian Cooley has found for wirelessly streaming TV is from Netgear. Here's its product pages.

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