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Car-themed phones right off the showroom floor

Quantum Telecom's handsets have details from Hummers and Cadillacs.

Crave Asia

Are you an ardent fan of the Hummer H-series or the sleek Cadillac CTS sedan? New handsets from Quantum Telecom are styled just like your favorite model complete with car shine finish.

Aside from the logos and paint jobs, the Hummer HQ1 3G also has an engine intake grille adorning its front and crisp lines on the rear. The CDQ, on the other hand, mirrors the real McCoy with its blend of wing-like edges, sharp angles, and wire mesh bottom.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Cosmopolitan CMQ streamlined clamshells with clutter-free exteriors that are less intimidating but still have plenty of aesthetic wow factors. For starters, it has a crystal-studded shell in various eye-catching designs, as well as a leather-clad equivalent and another coated in shiny enamel.

Standard features include a 262K screen, Bluetooth connectivity, camera, and MP4 playback. Even better, some of them will be priced affordably between $199 and $299 and are slated for launch across Asia starting next month. (Get more CommunicAsia 2008 coverage here.)

(Source: Crave Asia)