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Canon EOS 650D plagued by kisses

There's a known issue with the 650D displaying the incorrect model number in its EXIF data. So what's in a name?

Around the world, it's common for technology and camera manufacturers to name their products slightly differently for individual markets. In Canon's case, the entry-level EOS range has three different names for every model.

The EXIF data from one of our 650D test images. (Screenshot by CBSi)

Looking for the EOS 650D, which is so-called in Australia and Europe? In the US, be prepared to call it the T4i, while in Japan it's a very cute-sounding "Kiss X6i". Underneath the insignia, the products are exactly the same.

A product advisory from Canon Australia said that some models with a second digit of "3" in the serial number may inadvertently display the model name of "EOS Kiss K6i" in the EXIF data. The advisory specifically mentions the error occurring when viewing images in the Digital Photo Professional or Image Browser software, or when connecting the camera through EOS Utility.

Having recently reviewed the 650D, we didn't encounter this issue with the incorrect model name in the EXIF data; though our review model was swiftly whisked away yesterday under the guise of a mystery error.

It seems like a fairly trivial issue, but if you have a model that is affected, and you would like the correct name displayed, then contact a Canon service centre. Perhaps now would be a good time for Canon to standardise its model names across the globe.