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<b>Week-end updates

Week-end updates


A WordPerfect 3.5.3->3.5.4 updater is out. Among other things, it fixes the previously reported printing problem with 68K Macs.

Update: This update disappeared from Corel's servers briefly but has now returned. Corel explained: "We made a stupid blunder when trying to cut corners to make the patch smaller." John Culp adds: "The revised WordPerfect 3.5.4 Updater successfully patches a WordPerfect file that already had yesterday's 3.5.4 Update applied to it."

Aaron Light has been updated to version 1.1. It is "much improved, patching more floating windows, indeterminate progress bars (barber poles), dialog boxes, andvarious menu glitches, such as problems with ClarisWorks and the Global Village status bar."

Regarding Contextual Menu utilities, FinderPop 1.4 and CMTools 2.0.1 are now the latest versions.

Deskpop is a new Control Strip module which lists all volumes, folders and files currently on the Mac's desktop.

AfterDark 4.03 updater is now available. According to the web page, it: "will update any previous version of the After Dark engine to After Dark 4.03, which is compatible with Mac system software versions 7.1 to 8.0. The updater also upgrades the After Dark Screen Posters Extension Version 3.0 to Version 3.5."

Steve Jasik's Mac debuggers are now Mac OS 8 compatible (noted in MacInTouch).

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