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Buzz Out Loud 844: Number one in space junk, USA!

First if you're a U.S. citizen, then go vote on Tuesday. Second, feel the pride of what we suspect to be our country's lead in space junk. We also cover the new Nehalem processor details and uncover a few more details about Windows 7.

First if you're a U.S. citizen, then go vote on Tuesday. Second, feel the pride of what we suspect to be our country's lead in space junk. We also cover the new Nehalem processor details, uncover a few more details about Windows 7, and of course, give you more details on the space junk that may hit your head tomorrow. I suspect it's the nefarious plot of one candidate or another to keep you from the polls.
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Episode 844

Intel Core i7 chip reviews arrive–yes, it’s fast

Windows 7 ‘pre-beta’ washes up on Pirate Bay and co

Windows 7 to be 256-core aware

Inside Windows 7’s new desktop

Circuit City to close 155 stores

Behind the Cogent-Sprint depeering

U.S. court throws out most software patents

MySpace and MTV monetize pirated content With Auditude

Amazon takes a stand to eliminate wasteful, hard-to-open gadget packaging

Technology voter guide

Space litter to hit Earth tomorrow

Voice mail

Tommy in Kingston - CueCat User

Mike in Mansfield - Problem with DTV converter box

Shane in Vegas - Chrome advertising returns

After you install the leaked beta version of Windows 7 takes exactly 7.01 GB of space and BTW uses less memory 350MB RAM iddle after installation and 500 with 10 tabs of firefox open and a virus scan with Avst at the same time.

Allex from Romania


On show 842, last caller mention decentralizing torrent server doesn’t
help anyone other than pirates. Well, as a Chinese I can tell you the
closest thing to “freedom of speech in china” is torrent. It bypass
the great firewall of china. And once torrent servers are
decentralized the cost of censorship will start to out-weight it’s

This is one of the reason why tech-savvy Chinese cringe when a
journalist claim “there is no free speech in china”. I mean, if they
don’t go to illegal downloading sites. How are they going to see
illegal free-speeches?

really, really love the show
J.Chen, the immigrant


Yo buzz crew,

I was disappointed to see that you did not cover the rather large news of Ubuntu 8.10 coming out this past week, the newest version of the worlds most popular Linux distribution. I was sure you would mention it, if only so you could play the Linux chaser theme tune.

I have come to terms with the fact that you are obviously freedom haters who don’t want to give open source software like Ubuntu it’s due, but come on, at least play the linux theme tune. You know you want to.



I am tired of hearing physical media is dead and Blu-ray is going nowhere. And I mean that in a polite way, I don’t like how tone can come across in an email.

Amazon isn’t the end-all be-all, but it is a good trend tracker….

This top 25 list of DVD players show the top 5 sellers are Blu-ray players.

3rd Best selling electronic item overall is a Blu-ray player.

Prices will come down to meet a decent up-converting player, so people that want a bit better DVD player obviously is just getting a Blu-ray.

So many people don’t have broadband, don’t even know they can get shows on TV, they only know about youtube.

Blu-ray definitely has some life in it. I love digital distribution, but it has a LONG way to go to even hit the mainstream, and longer to supplany physical media.

Just my two cents.

Erick soon to be from Manhattan Beach