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Business Week and InfoWorld articles on Apple

Business Week and InfoWorld articles on Apple

a. Advanced research budget to be cut?; OpenDoc to be dropped?An article in the March 17 issue of Business Week (I first spotted this link on MacInTouch) details Steve Jobs' growing impact at Apple. It claims that, for better or worse, Jobs was behind the recent resignation of Marco Landi as well as the changes to Ellen Hancock's job description. Two particularly intriguing quotes:

"As Amelio hunts for $400 million in expense cuts, he's following Jobs' advice by targeting Apple's advanced research group. Jobs argued [that] Apple should use its best brains to build snazzy new Mac products rather than futuristic gee-whiz technologies."

"At a recent staff meeting, Amelio...began cutting [projects]. Two casualties that day: OpenDoc...and computer servers that run IBM's AIX operating software."

b. License fees and restructuring An InfoWorld article (as first spotted on the MRP) discusses lay-off prospects and Apple's plans to raise its license fee to clones in exchange for ceding certain markets (such as the home consumer market) to the clones.