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We're Still Getting Better and Better...

As time goes by, I'm getting more and more comfortable with the beautiful little egg, known as, The Palm Pre. I just want to show you a couple of my favorite things.

FIRST: ADD A CALL. Other wise know as call conferencing.

Notice on the CALL SCREEN, in the lower right hand corner is a +phone symbol (add call), you place your call then after the person picks up you hit the +phone symbol (add call). At the top of the second picture you see where you dial the second person you want to add to the conference, then push talk and you're on a three way call. This is so neat, the Blackberry Curve nor the Palm Pro have this feature. I just love it. You don't have to remember any numbers to dial to place a conference call.


Here we have three different cell phones with three different size key pads, THE BLACKBERRY CURVE, THE PALM PRE AND THE PALM PRO. I love the Blackberry Curve key pad. It's wide, has enough space in between the keys and I can text with one hand without worrying if I'm going to hit another key or not. I'm not happy with the Palm Pro key pad. I have to text with both hands and be very careful with where I place my fingers. Now for the Palm Pre, "I HATE THIS KEY PAD"! Nothing to hang on to. It's too thin, the keys are too small and way too close together. I have to type with both hands while trying to hold on to the phone, and I have to type very carefully for fear of messing up. The Palm Pre key pad needs a make over. HOWEVER! compared to the I-phone, which has no external key pad, I'll take the Palm Pre anytime. I tried typing on the I-phone, and when I finished, no one could read what I had written. Oh, well, I'm still in love with my Palm Pre, in spite of the key pad.

I'll be back tomorrow with things I love about the e-mail and a few other things. Ta ta for now.