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Broadcast your iPhone pics from Times Square

As part of a promotion by CanvasPop, a select number of images from social-networking sites and phones will be broadcast in Times Square.

Times Square billboard
That pic of you with a laptop on your head at the office party could soon replace this scenic shot above Times Square. CanvasPop

You know that picture of you and your cat that features so prominently on your Facebook page? Well, play your cards right and you and Buttons could show up on the 7,400-square-foot Reuters Billboard in New York's Times Square. Fortunately for the rest of us cynical travelers, the pic will only tower 23 stories above the city for 15 seconds.

It's all part of a promotion by a new company called CanvasPop that lets you print any image at any size on canvas, including pics from Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, and iPhones. CanvasPop's first 100 customers will get to beam shots from their personal collections above New York starting next month. Then, for $40, they can get a time-stamped photograph as a memento.

Services like Artistic Photo Canvas and Canvas Press already print photos onto canvas. But CanvasPop--which just came out of beta--claims to be the only one to turn low-res images from social-media sites and phones into high-quality canvas prints.

No word on whether CanvasPop will screen images before they show up in Times Square or if you'll be able to humiliate yourself and your friends at will.