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Bread Slicer best thing since sliced bread?

Simple and inexpensive bread slicer produces uniform half-inch slices of bread.

Bread slicing made easy. Amazon via Norpro

Even as we approach the Official Season of the Turkey Sandwich, I doubt many of us will really need the precision of a bread slicer. Granted, it does have its uses. My bread machine has a propensity to produce loaves that look somewhat like renegade muffins: big poofy tops pouring over a tall base. Sometimes, they can be difficult to slice evenly. However, I trust that a few uneven slices will still taste just as delicious.

For those who do prefer uniform half-inch slices of bread, this Norpro Bread Slicer with Crumb Catcher might be just the thing. The acrylic edges extend high enough that most loaves of bread will fit entirely within the guides. In fact, I'm pretty sure I could even get one of my oddly shaped bread machine loaves in there (as long as I put it on its side).

The $15.49 price tag reflects the no-frills approach of the bread slicer. The bread rests upon the included hardwood crumb-catcher tray and the acrylic slicing guides allow for consistent slices. Just make sure you have a long-enough knife; as you slice, the knife will have to stay in-between both slots, which could become tricky for shorter knives.

Of course, with all the turkey sandwiches that will soon be eaten, perhaps a bread-slicing guide is not all together such a bad thing. The price is certainly right, and with all the potential use in the next week or so, it might just be the most popular gadget in your kitchen (besides of course, whatever you use to warm up leftover turkey).