<b>Performa 6400 and 6500 monitor ghosting: a statement from Apple

Performa 6400 and 6500 monitor ghosting: a statement from Apple


Regarding the issue of "ghosting" on certain monitors connected to Performa 6400s (as reported here previously) and other video issues with the Power Macintosh 6500 (as also reported here previously), Randy Smischny alerted me to the following statement from Apple, as posted to the Performa Discussion Board on Friday:

"Apple does not have any plans to recall either the Power Macintosh 6500 or Performa 6400 series computers. As far as the Power Macintosh 6500 blurry issue is concerned, Apple is aware of the issue and is investigating possible resolutions.

Even though the symptoms may appear to be similar, the cause of the Performa 6400 ghosting issue is not the same as the issue affecting some Power Macintosh 6500 computers. On some Performa 6360 or 6400 series computers, this issue can be software or hardware related. If you have a Performa 6360 or 6400 computer and your monitor is experiencing some ghosting, we recommend you install the Mac OS 7.6.1 update. As it turns out, a software solution was integrated into Mac OS 7.6.1. In most cases, Mac OS 7.6.1 will eliminate or reduce the ghosting. In cases where the Mac OS 7.6.1 update does not resolve the ghosting issue, Apple will continue to investigate these cases and provide a resolution as soon as possible. As we get more information we will make it available."

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