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Borland unloads Paradox

Borland transfers future development and support of its Paradox desktop database to Corel.

Borland International (BORL) has announced that it is transferring future development and support of its Paradox desktop database to Corel.

Corel has licensed Paradox source code and will assume responsibility for development, marketing, sales, and support for Paradox. No terms were disclosed.

Corel plans to integrate the database with its applications suite and will eventually retool the database with Web development capabilities in a future release, along with the ability to use external development tools, such as Borland's Delphi, to build Paradox applications. Corel already sells Paradox, under an earlier licensing deal, as part of its Corel Office Professional applications suite.

Borland will continue to develop and maintain the Paradox Database Engine, the bare-bones database technology used as part of Paradox's and Borland's development tools. The company will continue to sell standalone copies of Paradox until October of next year.

Corel will assume customer support duties for Paradox beginning November 21. The suite currently includes the WordPerfect word processor; Quattro Pro spreadsheet, which was developed by Borland and sold several years ago; and Presentations for Windows 95, a business presentation tool.