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Tech Industry

Blogging agenda for 2008

Marc Andreessen sets his blogging goals for the coming year.

First, a big thank you to all of my readers who made my first year (pro-rated) of blogging so much fun and so satisfying!

Second, here's my blogging plan for 2008:

* Continued blogging about startups, entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley, and related topics. Including many ongoing installments of the Pmarca Guide to Startups.

* Profiles and in-depth analysis of creative professionals across several domains. What do programmers, serial entrepreneurs, writers, artists, cartoonists, film directors, and stand-up comedians have in common? They're all creative professionals, who totally master their fields and then create on a sustained basis throughout a career that can last 50 years or more. I've become fascinated by how creative professionals operate and what we can learn from one another both within and across domains, and so will spend quite a bit of time on this topic in 2008.

* The history of the creation of various forms of media -- in particular: movies, television, radio, and newspapers -- and in parallel, the accelerating emergence of the Internet as the central medium of the next 20 years. I believe we have a lot we can learn from the history of other forms of media -- even the ones that are now in full-scale collapse -- that can help us both understand why things have happened the way they have so far with the Internet as a medium, and how things are likely to unfold from here.

Third, I also plan to blog a little more extensively about my own professional activities, including Ning and my outside investments. I've tried to not overdo it but I get a reasonable number of regular questions about either Ning or other companies in which I invest, and so I will crank that up a little bit as well -- focusing on what we are on to at Ning on the one hand, and why I am making the outside angel investments that I am on the other hand.

Aside from all of those topics, I will also continue to blog about anything in the world at large that amuses me, and maybe you too.

Fourth, expect some interesting design and feature changes to the blog itself in the months to come -- more on that soon, I hope.

Finally, all my best and many wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to Om Malik!

As always, reader feedback is welcome via the email address given on the home page.

On to 2008!

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