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BlackBerry App World: Start saving your pennies, BlackBerriers

CrackBerry addicts could be getting a fresh hit within the month, as BlackBerry announces the name of their new app store and opens the gates for developers

Looks like RIM is having trouble thinking of another word for 'app', and we sympathise, so did Palm. But it's happy to jump on the hey-haven't-I-heard-that-somewhere-before bandwagon and have launched an Apple-chasing application store called BlackBerry App World.

Pricing for paid apps will start at £2.59, which is over the odds compared to its competitors. Presumably fat-cat BlackBerry-owning businesspeople can afford to stump up, unless they're victims of the econopocalypse and have already pawned their handsets for bacon.

We hope developers come up with apps as solid and useful as BlackBerry handsets, but judging by the above screenshot, it's one big question mark right now.

We'll soon find out: the developer site was launched on Wednesday, and our contacts at BlackBerry say we'll be buying apps within the month. Keeners can register for updates on the BlackBerry App World site.