BlackBerry App World hits 3 billion downloads

Finally, RIM has a number to report that isn't mired in doom and gloom, with its App World passing the 3 billion downloads milestone.

Finally, Research In Motion (RIM) has a number to report that isn't mired in doom and gloom.

(Credit: RIM)

The BlackBerry handset maker has just announced that 3 billion apps have been downloaded to devices through its App World storefront, with 1 billion of those apps being downloaded within the last six months. This is a decent result for an ecosystem that has not seen a major new hardware release in over a year, and with only 90,000 applications in the store.

By comparison, Apple announced in March that its App Store had hit 25 billion based on a pool of 650,000 apps. Its major mobile competitor, Google, made a similar albeit smaller claim during last month's I/O conference, racking up 20 billion downloads on the back of 600,000 apps.

RIM hopes that this figure will bolster confidence among its developer partners in the lead up to the launch of its BlackBerry 10 OS early next year. The company had anticipated a handset release on the new platform before the end of this year, but was forced to delay its new hardware until the first quarter of 2013 at the earliest.