<b>Iomega: the confusion continues

Iomega: the confusion continues


I have to admit, I am getting a bit frustrated with all of the confusing and conflicting messages coming out of Iomega on the use of their driver software and possible problems with other drivers. After yesterday's item appeared to settle the issue of what drivers are safe to use (even if not all questions were answered on this matter), I get an message from reader Dave Kelly who received the following email from Iomega regarding which version of Iomega's own software you should be using:

"You should be using version 5.0.1. We have recently found that the version 5.0.3 (which is the version that ships with Mac OS 8) is is not working correctly with the drives. Therefore if people have the newer operating systems, we are having them delete the 5.0.3 driver and place the 5.0.1 driver back in. This seems to be a problem with the Mac OS. If you are not having any problems, then things are great."

As far as I know, version 5.0.1 is still the latest version on the Iomega web site.

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