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<b>Iomega and VST

Iomega and VST


VST is showing off Zip drive modules for PowerBooks. Quite nice. More relevant to MacFixIt issues, I spoke to Doug Atkinson of Iomega about the issue of using non-Iomega drivers on Jaz drives (as covered here before). As he is Iomega's Manager for Macintosh Software Development, I figure he is as close to the final word on this matter as I am likely to get. He said that it is fine to use third party drivers, such as HDT Toolkit and Silverlining, with a Jaz drive. It may not have certain features, such as the Password security, available with Iomega's software, but should work okay. Problems may occur only if you try to load Iomega's software and a third party driver at the same time. Even here, things are likely to work out okay as long as the Iomega driver loads first. The only glitch noted was a problem with the Format command of HDT not working, but this is now fixed in their latest version.

Hotline Hotline has a new program, called Net Scrawl, coming out that lets you draw color graphics that can be interactively shared over a network - even over the Internet. Whatever you draw on your Mac is instantly seen by the other user - who can also draw over what you are doing.

Apple Apple introduced new 750 and 750AV 17 inch AppleVision monitors. This finally puts the nail in the coffin of the 1710 series. I can only hope Apple has solved the cornucopia of hardware problems that plagued the 1710. Its new line of desktop Macs feature a 1Mb inline cache - directly attached to the CPU - for faster performance.

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