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Bigger boxes: Redbox Instant app coming to Xbox 360

Beta users will get the first crack at streaming a selection of Redbox flicks in their living rooms.

It's a meeting of the boxes to make a more awesome living room. Larry Hryb, aka Xbox Live's Major Nelson, revealed today that Redbox Instant by Verizon is on its way to the Xbox 360.

Current Redbox Instant beta users get first crack at mainlining more movies into their TVs via the game console. Hryb says an access code for the Xbox app will be e-mailed to those folks in the next few days. It's still possible to request entry into the beta on the Redbox Instant site.

Redbox Instant offers monthly subscriptions that combine credits for DVDs from physical Redbox machines with unlimited access to a selection of movies available for streaming. The Xbox app will also offer one-off digital rentals and purchases without a subscription.

Redbox representative Jennifer St. Clair told me via e-mail that the company is also looking into making the app available on other platforms as well.

"We are talking to a lot of companies and intend to bring the (app) to more platforms which we hope include additional gaming consoles. Our goal is to be on the devices that consumers use to access entertainment. During beta and at our launch, Xbox will be the only gaming console with Redbox Instant."

St. Clair says the service is currently available on PC, tablet and mobile devices, including iOS and Android, Samsung Blu-ray Players and TVs with SmartHub.

Redbox Instant, which has been in beta mode with just several thousand users for the past few months, offers a free trial month before costing $8 per month. But which movies from the the Redbox library can be streamed can be a bit bewildering -- almost as bewildering as the partnership between Verizon and Redbox parent company Coinstar that created Redbox Instant.

Update, 4:50 p.m. PT: to add quote and additional information from Redbox.