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Best Facebook self-portrait ever--from space

Really, making the best self portrait ever isn't that hard when you're floating outside of a spacecraft.

Show-off. NASA

If you've ever been on MySpace or Facebook, you'll recognize a phenomenon many refer to as "MySpace pics," or those portraits people take of themselves, usually in a mirror. As with any pictures, getting the right angle is key to making a flattering shot.

I'm not in space. Matt Hickey

But the above photo that U.S. astronaut Garrett Reisman took this week during Shuttle Atlantis' final scheduled mission may be one of the greatest MySpace pics of all time.

He took it of himself from the base of the ISS' robotic arm while working with fellow crew member Piers Sellers to install the new Rassvet module--which Atlantis carried into space--to the Russian part of the ISS. Rassvet will add additional storage space and a docking attachment for Russian spacecraft.

Reflected in Reisman's visor is a sweet view of the outside of the ISS and Argentina down here on Earth.

That is amazing. It certainly beats any of the MySpace pics I've taken of myself, the best of which you can see here. I am jealous and really amazed. The only downside to the photo is the Yankees patch that Reisman's wearing on his wrist. But because he's an actual astronaut, I can forgive it, even though I'm a Mariners fan till the end.