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Best Buy blows out TCL's excellent 2017 Roku TV for $500

The one-day sale this Saturday shaves $100 off the 55-inch P series Roku TV.


The TCL P series was one of CNET's favorite TVs from 2017.

Sarah Tew/CNET

One of the best TV values of 2017 gets even better this weekend.

The 55-inch TCL 55P605, currently $599, will get a $100 price cut to $499 this Saturday. The TV will be available at that price in Best Buy stores and online at

That's a great deal in my opinion. At its original price I said "no other TV offers this level of picture quality for this cheap a price," and lauded its superb black levels, punchy HDR and the ease of use provided by its Roku operating system.

Evidently Best Buy is clearing out inventory on this 2017 model because the 2018 version, the superb 6 series, just came out. I liked the 6 series even better, but for most viewers it's not $100 better. 

In my side-by-side comparison tests the 2017 version fell short in light output, video processing and a couple of other areas -- but the 2017 P series is still a great performer. It's also just as capable in terms of features, although it only comes in the 55-inch size.