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Belkin KVM no bigger than a yo-yo

Keyboard-video-mouse switches (KVMs) are not particularly new to consumers. The switches are commonly bulky utilitarian black boxes that let you use a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor for two or more computers, saving you money and space. The desktop space saved by not having the additional monitor and extra peripherals is offset somewhat by the black KVM brick on the desktop.

Belkin KVM
Credit: Belkin

Belkin avoids the bulk of standard KVMs with their new Flip, a stylish KVM that has a near-zero footprint. The device has connections for two computers and a yo-yo sized remote that sits on the desktop. All you have to do is press the remote to switch between computers.

This KVM features two-color LEDs to indicate which computer is being used and supports high video resolutions up to 2048 x 1536. The choice of keeping an extra computer around for you or the kids just got a little bit easier.

How it works
Credit: Belkin

Belkin announced yesterday that the Flip will be available in early April. Three versions are available: One with PS/2 connections will sell for $49.99. The other two, which sell for $59.99, come with audio connections and either USB or PS/2 connections.