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Behind-the-scenes Palm Pre advert leaked...and stars Facebook?

Details of what could be the first Palm Pre TV advertisement have supposedly been leaked online by way of twitter.

We've already seen Palm and Apple clash when it comes to print advertisements, but now details of what could be the first Pre TV advertisement have leaked. Photographer and film maker Jaime Gonzalez had been tweeting (of which has mysteriously disappeared) about his part in filming the commercial in Los Angeles, and even uploaded a photo of the massive Facebook set involved.

Is this supposed to show how simple uploading photos to Facebook can be on the Pre, and how there will be shiny happy people laughing? Everyone around love them, love them... twitpic - Jamie Gonzalez

The tweet came from Mr. Gonzalez yesterday evening while at the Warner Bros. film studio, saying the following:

    Back at Warner Bros! Palm Pre in the house...It's the iPhone for chicks! LOL
Okay, being a "chick" myself, I really don't know what exactly he's alluding to with that last part and I'm not going to even speculate 'cause I'm-a go all types of crazy...relax, I'm not that chick.

Gonzalez also claims to have held and tried the phone--a big accomplishment for anyone who has tried to pry the Pre away from a rep's grip during a trade show--calling it a "good challenger" to the iPhone but still not a direct replacement.

The very large 3D reproduction of the Facebook homepage (they couldn't do it in CGI?) appears to have various protruding ledges that actors could sit on, but Gonzalez hasn't given any hints on the detail of the ad, just the photos. There are also some cutaways that could be used as an "online" friend space, uploaded video, or whatever.

If all of this is what it claims to be, then the timing further supports notions that Sprint could release the Pre on the rumored June 7th date, or, at the very least, a month from when the ad is likely to be finished. And, if you were chosen as a beta tester for the Palm Pre, don't rub it in.

So far we've seen a 3D cutout of Facebook, a soundstage...where do you guys see this supposed first Palm Pre commercial going?