Beefier LG G3 being advertised in Korea

While much of the world is just getting its hands on the LG G3, Korea may already be advertising a refreshed model.

Will LG bless its home turf with a souped-up LG G3?

While the LG G3 is just making its way to the US now, Koreans can already register for a faster, more powerful version.

A new version of the G3 with access to a more advanced network has quietly made its way into a Korean mall advertisement, according to tech site GforGames. Based on the URL it appears the device is only being offered for registration and not yet preorder.

A picture of the phone shows the device as featuring Category 6 Advanced LTE speeds, or Cat 6 LTE-A. A quick and dirty Google Translate of the text references "three times faster than broadband," which makes sense considering the theoretical download speeds of up to 300Mbps found with the next-generation LTE-A network technology.

It's not clear what else is different in this particular version of the LG G3, however previous rumors suggest a more powerful processor is also in the cards. Chatter surfacing back in June pegged a so-called G3 Prime as having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. The current G3 model runs on a 801 processor.

Should the details prove accurate, this model would be capable of 4K video support, image post-processing, and enhanced gaming.

It's worth pointing out that LG has yet to formally recognize this version of the G3 smartphone. It's also unlikely that a newer G3 would show up in the US anytime soon, as the networks there haven't been upgraded to incorporate LTE-A technology.

CNET contacted LG for comment and will update the story when the company responds.