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'Be the Wolverine' on Kinect gives you X-Men claws

Step inside the ninja-slashing action of upcoming film "The Wolverine" with a new Kinect experience coming to theaters and malls near you.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Wolverine is putting the "snikt!" in Kinect. To celebrate the errant X-Man's return to the big screen on July 26, you can step inside the action of "The Wolverine" when you head to the theater.

Like the recent "Iron Man" immersive experience, "Be the Wolverine" is a booth in theaters and shopping centers that uses Microsoft's Kinect cameras to record your movements, allowing you to fight off ninjas atop a speeding bullet train.

Hugh Jackman once again dons the improbable coiffure, rampant facial furniture, and stabby adamantium bits in "The Wolverine." Directed by James Mangold, "The Wolverine" is set in Japan, after the events of "X-Men: The Last Stand." Let's hope it's a cut above the dodgy 2009 prequel "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," as the ol' Canucklehead takes on assorted wrong'uns without the benefit of his mutant healing powers.

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