<b>e. SAM problem remains in June

e. SAM problem remains in June

Howie Gelles reports that the Segment Loader error problem, previously reported for SAM's May Definitions, persists with the June Definitions update. The ultimate solution, an updated SAM utility, is supposedly still on the way.

f. Mac Restart 2.0 Mac Restart 2.0 is a utility that restarts your Mac automatically at preset times. It is especially useful for unattended servers - as restarting the Mac often clears up minor glitches that occur over time and that would otherwise hinder performance.

g. At Chat Abbott Systems has announced At Chat, "a new type of Internet chat client that does not require a server. It lets you chat with almost anyone on the Internet, and transfer files, using direct person-to-person connections." It will be available in August for $39.