<b>Dealing with Multi-resolutions control strip problems: a follow-up

Dealing with Multi-resolutions control strip problems: a follow-up


The Read Me for the Multi-resolutions Control Strip states: "Since the monitor may not support some of the resolutions, you should be very careful when using this control strip module. After each change of resolution, a dialog will appear to ask you to confirm that everything is OK. If you do nothing within 10 seconds, it switches back to the previous resolution. You may also click on 'No' to switch back immediately."

However (as implied last time), this feature does not always appear to work. In this regard, Geza Fabry expands on the advice offered last time:

1. When using Multi-resolutions for the first time, immediately select the current resolution (or one which is sure valid for your monitor) in the menu and click OK. This should increase the odds that the "confirm" dialog box will actually appear. (Also note, as I inadvertently confirmed for myself on my PowerBook, your display may get so distorted or blacked out that you cannot see any dialog box!)

2. If something goes wrong and you can not see anything on the display, restart while holding down the Shift key (to disable extensions). Then delete the Control Strip Preferences file from Preferences folder. This is where preferences for all Control Strips are stored - so you may also have to reset some other preferences after doing this.

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