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Battle cry: HTC's CEO leads the 'M7' chant

HTC's CEO Peter Chou is anything but "quietly" brilliant as he leads a chant celebrating the unannounced M7 flagship phone.

HTC CEO Peter Chou tests the upcoming M7 smartphone.

Do you know who's overflowing with excitement for the not-yet-official HTC M7 smartphone? None other than HTC CEO Peter Chou, of course.

A video from HTC's year-end party shows the company's head honcho on stage playing with the M7, and even snapping photos of the crowd. Chou can be seen rallying a team of employees with a battle cry.

During the video, Chou chants "HTC" a few times, followed by a couple of rounds of "M7," and finally capped off with screams of "HTC One!"

The grainy video seemingly confirms recent rumors of two color options for the anticipated flagship device; Chou holds both a silver and black version of the handset suspected to be the M7. Strangely, the phones have what appear to be a pair of horizontal lines across the back.

The leaked photos and renders we've seen thus far do not show these lines, so maybe there's some serious 11th-hour work from Team M7.

HTC has scheduled a pair of press events for February 19 where it is expected that the M7 will take center stage. CNET will be in attendance and will provide an early impressions of the new smartphone.

I recently penned an open letter to HTC where I suggested that the company scream from the rooftops about the new device. Perhaps the CEO has taken my advice.