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Bask in this glowing new footage from 'Blade Runner 2049'

Director Denis Villeneuve and cinematographer Roger Deakins look to be putting together one of the best looking sci-fi flicks in years.


The original "Blade Runner," despite poor critical and commercial performance upon initial release in 1982, has become iconic in the decades since. This year it's being followed up by a Ryan Gosling-starring sequel, featuring Harrison Ford and directed by Denis Villeneuve, best know for "Arrival" and "Sicario." 

In the first trailer, and now this featurette from People, embedded above, it's apparent that the neonoir visual splendor of the first flick will return in full with the new iteration, thanks in large part to director of photography -- and lighting wizard -- Roger Deakins.

The new footage has a lot of practical effects on display, as well as dynamically lit environments. Whether the new movie ends up approaching the classic status of "Blade Runner" remains to be seen, but at least judging by the footage now slowly emerging, the striking visual style remains intact, bolstered by brilliant effects and spectacular photography.