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Bake a topsy-turvy cake

The Topsy Turvy Pan from Wilton offers a tiered look, with a little extra fun.

The Topsy Turvy Pan Wilton

I've seen some amazing tiered cakes that have been made intentionally a bit topsy-turvy; Uneven tiers with odd angles adds a fun feel to cake designs. But it's surprisingly difficult to create a topsy-turvy tiered cake. There's a high risk that an off-balance cake will collapse. But Wilton's Topsy Turvy Pan has made getting that look a lot easier. Rather than trying to build a tiered cake, the pan produces a solid sheet cake with the appearance of a tiered cake at funny angles. You may not get the full effect of a whimsical leaning cake, but you can bake a cake with this pan a lot faster and without any specialized baking know-how.

The Topsy Turvy Pan is anodized aluminum and bakes evenly. It will hold one box mix or an equivalent amount of batter from a home recipe. It is relatively simple to decorate, especially if you're going with a birthday cake or other party design. It is worth changing up frosting patterns between the individual "tiers," so that they stand out. The pan is nonstick and requires hand-washing. The pan is 10.25 inches by 12 inches by 2 inches. It's priced at $12.99.