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Awind takes controlling presentations mobile

With MobiShow, you can run presentations from software PowerPoint from a mobile device without having to worry about cables.

SAN DIEGO--If you're the kind of person who runs a lot of PowerPoint presentations, you probably are very familiar with trying to connect your computer to a million different projectors.

But a Taiwanese company called Awind showed at DemoFall today a product called MobiShow which is designed to take the difficult and complex connection problem--what if you don't have the right cables--folks like this face on a regular basis.

MobiShow is a mobile-phone and Wi-Fi based projection controller.

The idea is that with MobiShow running on your mobile phone, you can use that device as what amounts to a remote control for the presentation.

You would run MobiShow--which would be connected to your computer via Wi-Fi--and then use your mobile phone to set the proper screen resolution, as well as to easily click through various slides in a PowerPoint presentation.

This would be extremely useful for the road warriors who until now have been forced to try to always remember to bring the various cables and connections they need to hook up to clients' projection systems. Instead, they can rely solely on their computer and their mobile device.