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ATM Deluxe and ATR Deluxe issues

ATM Deluxe and ATR Deluxe issues

I continue to get many reports ofvarious bugs and glitches with the new Adobe Type Manager and Adobe Type Reunion Deluxe software. As most reports have not been confirmed by more than one user, I hesitate to report details here. However, here are two issues that were reported more than once:

a. ATM Deluxe may cause certain icons on your desktop to lose their custom icon. There does not yet seem to be any way of predicting in advance which icons may be affected.

Update: Using an option such as SCSIProbe's "Mount All Volumes at Startup" appears to remedy this problem. This is an echo of the solution for generic icons that appear for files on the desktop that are actually located on a non-startup volume.

b. Suitcase 3.0's font compression is unrecognizable by ATM. You should decompress the fonts before using ATM Deluxe.

By the way, last December and November, I reported onvarious printing related problems (especially with LaserWriter 8.4.x) with the version of ATM 4.0 that shipped with Acrobat 3.0. Can anyone confirm that these problems have been fixed in ATM Deluxe?