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Asus to offer Celeron-based Eee Box

Swapping Celeron for Atom will allow the manufacturer to offer a lower-priced Nettop, according to reports.

Asus Eee PC Box

If you're a regular Crave reader, you know about the runaway popularity of the Asus Eee PC, the grandfather of the Netbook category. But the company's attempts to roll that success into a small-form-factor desktop, the Eee Box, have thus far fallen flat.

That hasn't stopped the company from trying to make a splash in the so-called Nettop category. According to a report in DigiTimes, Asus is readying a new version of the Eee Box that will feature a budget-minded Celeron 220 CPU instead of the Intel Atom found in earlier versions. Asus will also increase the hard-drive space in the new model, going from 80GB to 120GB.

According to the report, the processor change will drop the cost of the Eee Box to $240. The company seems to be hoping the lower price point will present a better value proposition than the previous version, which at $350 couldn't compete with similarly low-cost desktops and laptops.