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Apple Watch Series 2 Australian pricing and details

The second-generation wearable from Apple was announced alongside the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. But how much will it cost to get one on your wrist?

Apple is partnering with Nike for a Watch model with runners in mind.

James Martin/CNET

Yes, the new iPhone is here. No, it doesn't have a headphone jack. But in addition to the next generation of phones, Cupertino also took the stage earlier today to unveil the Apple Watch 2 (officially the Apple Watch Series 2), and it's faster, brighter and water resistant.

There are half a dozen models on offer -- while the hardware doesn't change, you'll be looking at a variety of different cosmetic options in 38mm and 42mm from AU$529.

The original Apple Watch is getting a bit of a boost too. The Series 1 will still be sold alongside the new watch, but now containing the faster second-generation processor which should make it around 50 percent faster than the original.

Almost all of the improvements to the Apple Watch 2 are under the hood, and outside it's the same square design as the original. But that said, the new watch is roping in more fitness features and a significant hardware boost.

Preorders start on September 9. Both the Series 2 and Series 1 watches will be available on September 16.

Here's what you'll be paying for the upgraded Series 1 and new Series 2 Apple Watches in Australia, compared to a direct conversion of the US price.

Apple Watch Australian price UK price US price US price +GST, converted US/AU difference
Apple Watch S1 38mm Sport AU$399 £269 (AU$467.44) $269 AU$385.53 -AU$13.47
Apple Watch S1 42mm Sport AU$449 £299 (AU$519.57) $299 AU$428.53 -AU$20.47
Apple Watch S2 38mm Aluminium AU$529 £369 (AU$641.21) $369 AU$528.85 -AU$0.15
Apple Watch S2 38mm Steel AU$799* £549* (AU$953.99) $549* AU$786.83 -AU$12.17
Apple Watch S2 38mm Ceramic AU$1,799 £1,249 (AU$2,170.39) $1,249 AU$1,790.07 -AU$8.93
Apple Watch S2 42mm Aluminium AU$579 £399 (AU$693.34) $399 AU$571.85 -AU$7.15
Apple Watch S2 42mm Steel AU$879** £599** (AU$1,040.88) $599** AU$858.49 -AU$20.51
Apple Watch S2 42mm Ceramic AU$1,899 £1,299 (AU$2,257.27) $1,299 AU$1,861.73 -AU$37.27

Prices converted at a rate of AU$1 = £0.575474 and US$0.767510, current as of September 9, 2016 at 9 a.m. AEST.

*Hermes versions for the 38mm Steel model go up to AU$2,029, £1,299, $1,299

**Hermes versions for the 42mm Steel model go up to AU$2,189, £1,399, $1,399

The pricing conversions are very friendly for Australians who want to pick up the new Apple Watch. The biggest disparity is at the very upper end of the options list, and even then it's less than 40 bucks locally. Sadly, it's not the same story for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus down under.

If you're keen to get on board with the iPhone 7, as well as your very own set of wireless AirPod headphones and a new Apple Watch, check out our full Apple event coverage.