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Tech Industry

Apple shakes hands with Intel

roundup After a decade with IBM, the Mac maker is ready for Intel Inside. But can customers take another architecture shift?

    After a decade with IBM, Apple is ready for Intel Inside. But can the Mac maker's customers take another architecture shift?

    Apple throws the switch, aligns with Intel

    Developers will have to do some work to make their applications compatible with Intel-based machines, but Jobs says it's the right move for the future of the Mac.
    June 6, 2005

    Jobs confirms Apple's switch to Intel

    blog It's official: Apple Computer will switch to Intel chips, CEO Steve Jobs announces during keynote at developer conference. Also: Other updates from the conference.
    June 6, 2005

    Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips

    The Mac maker has used Big Blue's chips since 1994 but will transition to Intel, sources say--raising questions about its strategy.
    June 3, 2005

    Internet busy with talk of Apple's move

    Consumers have been busy sharing their reactions online to news of Apple's switch to Intel.
    June 3, 2005

    Intel-Apple coupling could woo Hollywood

    Apple's hip and Intel's square. But the high-powered pairing will likely make waves with film studios.
    June 3, 2005

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    IBM says chip woes easing

    Big Blue sees the rate of defects declining with a new chip manufacturing process.
    June 3, 2005

    iPod helps Apple earnings sing

    But the Mac maker openly criticizes IBM for chip delivery problems. "Obviously we were not happy with the delivery we got," an exec says.

    Apple told to halt 'world's fastest' claims for G5

    Acting on a tip from Dell, the Better Business Bureau tells the Mac maker to stop its comparative performance claims.
    June 3, 2005