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Apple prepping Yerba Center for iPhone 5 event

See how Apple's getting ready for the iPhone 5 unveil in this snap of the event location.

We're all getting ready for a certain event this Wednesday, but Apple's preparations involve more than a pot of coffee and a finger hovering over the Refresh button on CNET UK. 

It's been decorating the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco for next week's iPhone 5 launch, and Mac Stories has a whole set of snaps of how it's going.

The Apple branding started going up around 11am yesterday, with the shot you can see here taken around 7pm.

It doesn't let on much, unfortunately, with a white Apple logo and a multicoloured background. But to be honest, Apple has hinted quite heavily with its shadowed invite spelling out what we'll be seeing.

The invite suggests the next generation handset will be called the iPhone 5, rather than 'next iPhone' or just 'iPhone', as was suggested after the launch of the latest iPad. It's rumoured to have a 4-inch screen, making for a taller design than the iPhone 4S. A smaller dock connector is also expected, with just eight pins instead of the usual 30. This could also help make the iPhone 5 slimmer than its predecessors. But don't worry about it not working with your current docks, Apple is bound to launch an adaptor to help it play nice.

A new camera with clever HDR tech is also likely. HDR helps balance multiple light sources, giving a clear, colourful snap without losing any detail. And a faster chip is expected: either the A5X, as found in the latest iPad, or potentially the A6, which could bring quad-core fun to the game.

Word is the iPhone 5 will be 4G, and work across networks all over the world. All we need now is for Everything Everywhere to hurry up and bring 4G to the UK.

While Apple has already announced iOS 6, the event on Wednesday will see it launch properly. It'll bring such features as Apple's new maps software (since it told Google Maps to get lost), and a new UK-friendly Siri (hopefully with a plummy accent, but probably not).

There were murmurings of a smaller iPad launching alongside the iPhone 5, but now it's widely expected to have a separate event, possibly as early as October.

What are you hoping for from Wednesday's event? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.