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Apple may be looking to smarten up its Genius Bars

According to a new report, Apple may revise the layout of its retail-store Genius Bar helpdesks, presumably to boost the number of customers they can serve.

Apple's Genius Bar.
Apple's Genius Bar. Caroline McCarthy/CNET

Apple could be changing how its brick-and-mortar stores are laid out, according to a new report.

Apple Store tracker reported yesterday that Apple is currently testing out a new Genius Bar layout in its stores. Rather than have the table run parallel to the wall at the back of the store, the company is considering turning it 90 degrees to make it perpendicular to that wall.

The blog claims to have obtained an image of the new layout, which shows a table stretched from the back wall, and flanked on two sides with stools. That effectively increases the number of stools for customers and would theoretically increase customer "throughput" at Genius Bars.

It's not clear whether Apple has decided to make this change in a single store or if it's testing the new layout for use in all locations. One odd consequence is that the redesign also appears to nix the kids section in some stores, which is popular among children and parents alike.

As Apple sells more products, the Genius Bar will play an increasingly important role in after-sale care. To maintain status quo and not increase capacity could be an issue for Apple and its crowded Genius Bars.

CNET has contacted Apple for comment on the image. We will update this story when we have more information.