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Apple iPhone 5 in action in dodgy video

A new video claims to show the hotly anticipated new Apple iPhone 5 booting up -- but is it real?

The new iPhone 5 is so close we can almost smell it. A new video claims to show the hotly anticipated new Apple phone in action -- but does something smell fishy?

Chinese site Vgooo claims the video was shot by a source inside the Foxconn factory in China, where the new phone is being built. It shows the alleged new iPhone and current iPhone 4S booting up side-by-side. The purported new iPhone appears to boot up slightly faster, with an Apple logo that flashes just before turning on.

While the shape of the unreleased phone looks right, the language of the phone's onscreen message has my chin itching about the video's veracity. "We're unable to complete you," it reads. Hmm, chinny reckon. Press play below to check it out for yourself:

The video does at least give us another idea of how the new iPhone might compare to the current model in size and shape. According to numerous leaked photos, the new iPhone will be taller, so when it's turned sideways the now 4-inch screen is in 16:9 aspect ratio, ideal for watching film and TV without annoying black bars.

Apple will unveil the new iPhone next week, on 12 September. The invitation shows a giant number 5, the most blatant clue Apple's dropped about a forthcoming launch that I can remember. That pretty clearly suggests the new phone will indeed be called the iPhone 5 and not follow the new iPad by ditching the number on the end.

Whatever it's called, our stateside CNET associates will be at the US launch in San Francisco, pens poised over notebooks, fingers quivering over cameras -- and our man in Apple's good books will be at the London event ready to get his sticky fingers all over the new phone, to bring you our first impressions, in tasty hands-on words, pictures and videos.

Are you sticking your current phone on eBay to buy a new iPhone or counting down the days until you can upgrade? Or will Android or Windows Phone power your next phone? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.