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Apple demos apps for iPhone 2.0

Apple has been showing off the kinds of stuff you'll be able to do with the iPhone's forthcoming firmware update, including playing games

Apple has announced the progress made by iPhone developers on software for its popular handset, at its WWDC conference in San Francisco. You'll need the iPhone 2.0 firmware to be able to use these apps, which will be downloadable from iTunes from early July, worldwide.

Since the launch of the iPhone SDK earlier this year, Sega has created an iPhone version of the classic Super Monkey Ball, featuring over 100 of the games original stages and controllable using the phone's tilt functionality. Games from other developers were also announced.

eBay, the world's largest online marketplace, has also demonstrated its iPhone app, allowing users to browse for products, search the site and even place bids.

Popular blogging tool TypePad's app was also demo'd. It lets users blog on the move without needing to use the Safari browser. It'll be a free application when the app store launches within iTunes.

Prices will be up to $9.99, but no UK price was announced. The update itself will be free for the iPhone, but $10 for the iPod touch. If the program is less than 10MB it can be downloaded over the mobile network, otherwise it needs Wi-Fi or an iTunes connection.

The apps will be copy-protected by FairPlay DRM, like iTunes movies. Many more applications are expected to be announced as the conference continues -- click Next Photo for more images and details. -Nate Lanxon

This, an application called Band, lets users make cool music on the iPhone.

eBay's application should let 'snipers' secure their winning bid regardless of their location, and without using automated desktop software.

And finally, Major League Baseball fans need not complain, as their very own iPhone app has been developed by’s Jeremy Schoenherr.