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Apple Byte: The iPad Mini Retina rumors start early

Just one week after record sales, iPad Mini Retina Display rumors have already surfaced. The future of the iMac is potentially transitioning to mobile processors. Plus, our prize giveaway!

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Apple crushes its previous first weekend for iPad sales, proving that people will still buy the latest shiny Apple toy. Having two different iPad models probably helped as well. One thing we do know is that stores didn't sell out. If you're holding out for that Retina Display, and you believe the rumor mills, they're already working on it for you.

The future of the iMac is going to look a lot different after reports that Apple is looking to eventually stop using Intel processors in favor of its own mobile processors. Those next-gen iMacs are going to be even thinner than the current 5-millimeter edge the new iMacs will have. If you had a new iMac, what do you think you could cut with it?

Since we're talking about the iMac, don't expect Blu-ray to ever see the light of day in it. And Pixar pays tribute to Steve Jobs by naming a building in his honor.

Plus, we have an awesome giveaway for all you NBA fans with iOS devices, and a little extra something for you!