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Apple adds four more devices to second Samsung patent suit

Yes, there's another case between Apple and Samsung, and the Californian company's just upped the ante.

You may have missed it, what with Apple winning more than a $1bn from Samsung recently, but there's actually another huge US patent case ongoing between the two tech giants. And Apple has just added four more devices to its list of the accused, The Verge reports.

That brings the list of devices to 22. They run from those launched in August 2011 through to August 2012, and include some from the trial of the century that just ended last week. This is because Apple is citing a different set of utility patents it claims Samsung is infringing.

So what's new? Apple has included the Galaxy S3 (as well as a version for US operator Verizon), Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1. It already tried to ban the Galaxy S3 back in June, but Judge Lucy Koh stopped that due to scheduling issues. But with the S3 hitting 10 million sales earlier than expected, Apple will surely be keen to get the handset yanked from the shelves.

Apple used the same complaint to ban the Galaxy Nexus handset. The ban was lifted while on appeal before a court in Washington, DC.

Just last week, Apple won more than $1bn in damages from Samsung, with the Korean company found guilty of infringing Apple's handset and tablet patents. The jury rejected every one of Samsung's counter claims, and didn't award it a penny. There will be a preliminary hearing on injunctions held on 20 September, which could see the offending Samsung devices banned.

Considering how one-sided the outcome of the previous trial was, I'd say things aren't looking too good for Samsung.

Should Apple pursue this case? And does Samsung stand a chance this time around? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.