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Apple accuses Samsung of violating court order

Apple has accused Samsung of failing to produce source code as asked by a judge.

There's another legal spat between Samsung and Apple, but this one is a spat within a spat, if that make sense. Apple has accused Samsung of infringing its patents, and is now accusing the Korean company of failing to produce source code when asked to by a judge, Bloomberg reports.

According to Apple, Samsung "only partially complied with" a court order asking it to produce source code for products under scrutiny, including its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. Apple filed the complaint in a federal court in San Jose, California. So while it's on home turf, will Apple fare better in this round of the legal battle?

Samsung handed over source code for just one version of each of its products accused of patent infringement. The deadline was 31 December. The trial is set for 25 August, which doesn't give Apple enough time, according to the Cupertino company.

"At this point in the case, it is too late for Apple to make meaningful use of any late produced source code," Apple said in the filing. It's less than two weeks until expert reports are due in the case, which Apple claims "would leave insufficient time for Apple's experts to analyse any new code".

The same California court rejected Apple's attempt to ban Samsung's smart phones and tablets from sale. The two companies have filed at least 30 suits against each other since April 2011, across four continents. The Galaxy Tab was banned in Australia, but that was lifted, as it was in Germany when Samsung redesigned the tablet. Apple's iPad was actually banned in Germany too, though only for a few hours until Apple appealed.

There's big money at stake in these court cases. But the real threat to us consumers is a lack of choice, if competing products are taken off the shelves. And because of these minor victories, it looks like the battles will run and run. Unfortunately.

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