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Android phone running slow?

A look at Advanced Task Manager for Android phones.

Advanced Task Manager allows you to manually end applications running on your Android phone. Taylor Wimberly

Though Android can run multiple programs and close background processes as needed, there are times where the OS' overall performance slows down. And during those times in particular it's troubling that Android doesn't let you close applications manually.

Fortunately, the Android Marketplace offers an answer. Advanced Task Manager is a paid application that enables you to view all running applications and end them on demand. For only 99 cents you can see all open applications and background processes on your phone, which can help you identify which are taking up memory. With the tap of your finger, you can easily end all processes or end them individually.

Though the application was targeted to users with hacked phones and root access when it first launched, a new version for all phones became available with the Android 1.5 update. The new version also added an "End All" widget on the Android home screen and one-click uninstalls.

Regular use of Advanced Task Manager can identify pesky applications that slow down your phone and eat battery life. When I first used it, I discovered several older applications I no longer used that were still running as background processes. I also found some beta applications that took up memory. Uninstalling these problem apps helped speed up my phone.

Considering its bargain price, Advanced Task Manager is an application that should appeal to most power users. Its ease of use and new widget support should also attract beginners as well. You'll also get regular updates and support from the developer. So stop complaining about your slow phone and download Advanced Task Manager from the Android Market.